Door N K Key - Safe

Have a safe that Needs Opening? Call on a Locksmith Safe Expert A safe is important when certain valuables need to be kept in a designated location and out of the hands of others. It also provides protection in the event of fire or a natural disaster. A regular filing cabinet or box will not […]

Get Keys Made and Get Your Peace of Mind Back


Do you lose car keys or get locked out way too often? If so, it may be time to get extra Car Keys Made and find secure places to keep them. There are a lot of other reasons you may need extra keys, but finding a place to get those keys made may be a challenge. Certain […]

Door Unlock

Magnetic locks - Door N Key

If You Need a Door Unlock, Call the Professionals You went out to grab the morning paper, check the mail or water the garden. No matter what the task, you get back to the door and realize it is locked and you don’t have your keys. If you need a door unlock service pronto, our […]