Door N Key Locksmith - Steps by Step Guide to Getting a Car Key Made

Steps by Step Guide to Getting a Car Key Made

As far as cars are concerned, it is unfortunate that if the key fails, or you don’t have it for whatever reason, your car can be of very little use. Car key replacement is typically straightforward, but when you lose your first key, this complicates your entire situation. At this point, most people wonder whether they can have another car key made without having the original.

In the past, it was a little challenging to do it, but through technology, car key makers can create a new key without the original now.

Why Do I Need a New Car key?

Do not be fooled to believe you would create a car key easily without the primary key. That’s not the case really; with the original key, it is simpler to make a car key copy. That said, the majority of people have found a way to get a new car key without the initial. Luckily, it is quite simple to get a solution to this problem.

Where Can I Get a New Car Key?

You can always use local tools to generate car keys. It is not necessarily challenging to find a place where you can get a car key made. It merely means that all the options available to you are confidently assessed, and are designed to get you a new car key.

1. Find out what key you have

You can find out which car key you have before you take the first step to find a lasting solution. Being sure about the kind of car key you are looking for guarantees a smooth ride through the other levels. A car key is connected to the engine; all cars are designed differently, and so are the car keys.

Before you get into the tizzy room, you don’t need your original car key to know what type of keys you need. All you need to know is whether your car uses a conventional mechanical key, car fob, or transponder key.

2. Pick a key replacement option

After you have the exact type of car key you need, the next move is to find an alternative. As earlier mentioned, car key makers can use different methods to get you a new key. Some of the ways to get a car keys replacement include;

  • Car Key Insurance Cover: Most insurers offer a key replacement package to replace car keys, but this comes with additional charge away from your auto insurance.
  • Car Breakdown Service: Many roadside support services can come to your aid. However, this relies on whether the keys you want as well as the equipment for the work, are available.
  • Vehicle Dealership: Going to your dealer can be the most costly and time-consuming option of all, but works best.

Bear in mind that the option you choose is subject to factors such as the cost and the timeline to get the car key made. When you settle on an alternative, you will need to obtain some details about the car. Also, note that further information, like location, i.e., West Palm Beach, and FL, may be required.

  1. Collect the Appropriate Vehicle Information

You must ensure that you have all the documentation you need to assist with the creation of a new car key, no matter the option you take. Every measure must be taken to ensure that the car key maker ascertains that the person asking for the service is the rightful owner of the car.

West Palm Beach, FL car dealerships have the expertise and necessary equipment to have a car key made. You can also get your vehicle identification number (VIN). It is easier to cut a key even without the original as long as you have the VIN.

  1. Car Key Replacement

Once you’ve all the information you need, go to your car dealer and patiently wait for them to make your key. Remember that it takes a little longer than a standard key replacement to make a car key without the original. Transponder keys are used in newer cars, so the keys must be paired.

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