Guide to a Car Key Maker; What You Should Know.

A car key maker is a specialist who can get you an extra car key, other than the two or three that you got when purchasing it. The specialist is capable of cutting a new blade for your ignition key and door lock, fix a key that is broken or malfunctioned. The professional can also program the key and doors’ security features in order to maintain all of them.

Why do I need a key maker’s services?

Most of the time, you will need to visit the key maker for one of these three issues;

One is in case of a broken key – your key can inadvertently break while turning it in the ignition switch, the door lock, the glove compartment, or the boot. Besides the key, the plastic head you usually use as the key’s handle may as well break. Away from the car, your key may break accidentally. So you’ll need to have it replaced anyway.

Secondly, the transponder may fail – you may not know it, but if your car is any type or model made after 1995, it has a transponder in the key head. It may not have any unlock button or battery compartment, but the chip is there. It communicates with your car using codes that are unique to ensure that it can never work with any other key. This chip does not use batteries, but it may malfunction anyway, which means your car won’t start. If it happens, you will definitely need the services of a car key maker.

To replace lost or stolen keys, you actually need a key maker. Prior to being able to replace your car keys, you will need quite a bit of information about the vehicle.

Besides all these reasons, you may want to see a key maker for two more; either you want an extra key for your car, or you want to upgrade your key. Maybe to a switchblade key, a smart key, or to add an additional security feature like an alarm system.

What does the car key maker do?

The key maker is essentially a locksmith who specializes in cars. He has three wizard skills;

Programming – As earlier mentioned, most cars in the 21st century have transponders as their base security protocol. That means your car can only have more sophisticated features, especially if it’s a more recent model. The key maker needs the necessary skills and equipment to make sure that whatever he does, he gives you a key that resonates with your car’s computer system. He may also need to disable your previous key just in case it was stolen. This involves writing and testing coded signals.

Key cutting – The key maker definitely has key cutting equipment, which he uses to duplicate keys or make new ones.

Repair and upgrading – If the electronic chip either in your key or the car’s computer is unresponsive, the key maker will work on it and help you get back on track. He may also upgrade your key to a switchblade type (the one that hides the metal blade in the fob when not in use) or the smart key (the one that your car will detect and unlock automatically or at the touch of a button).

How long does the process take?

Typically, programming or cutting a key is done in a matter of minutes. A skilled West Palm Beach, FL car key maker, will get your key repaired, upgraded, or even program a new one for you in less than an hour. The beauty of it is, you don’t necessarily have to drive to their shop. If you provide all the information they need, they can always come to your location. This is a great relief, especially in the case of misplaced, stolen, or malfunctioning keys.

For best quality services and charges, always lookout for a reliable and trusted West Palm Beach, FL locksmiths. Your friends or a trusted car clinic can almost always give you excellent referrals. For high-end brands, the locksmith might refer you to your dealership either because they are too sophisticated for them to handle or because they might not be willing to risk getting involved, just as a precautionary measure.

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