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Locked Out Of House Locksmith: Don’t Be Fooled By Imposters!

‘We are top rated! We are #1! No one does it better than we do!’ These are just some of the slogans other locksmith companies use to try and lure you into the trap of overly priced service charges and undisclosed fees. We at Door N Key Locksmith have nothing to hide, no additional costs, we are completely transparent with our pricing, especially the cost for services done by a locked out of house locksmith. The last thing on any one’s mind in a house lockout situation is paying a high price to get back to what is normal again, that is in the comfort of your home.

The service of our locked out of house locksmith is billed at a flat rate that is clearly communicated before the work begins so there are no surprises at the end of the job. We are not like other locksmith companies; we care about our customers and want to ensure that we bring them solutions to their problems not worsen the situation they may find themselves in.

Having your house locked out can be extremely stressful. So our residential locksmiths ensure they get you back into your home as quickly as possible. It is our duty to offer you quality service at a reasonable cost; it’s a commitment we have made and kept throughout the years, one which we will never break! So, don’t be fooled by others with their sweet words, we are tried and true, our word is our bond!

We Have The Real Deal!

There is nothing fun or exciting about being locked out, especially when its late and you’re in the freezing cold. As frustration and anxiety gets the most of you the only person you want to see at that moment is a locked out of house locksmith. At Door N Key Locksmith, we have the most economically affordable service fee for a locked out of house locksmith. Our services cost less than other locksmith companies in West Palm Beach, FL; and we do not charge extra for afterhours servicing.

Furthermore, we offer a discount to first-time customers and an additional 10% off to customers referred by existing customers. We provide our customers with reasonable pricing for all of our services; and while others aren’t. We are ever cognizant of the harsh economic climate we are living in; so we give our customers the best deals anywhere around. In everything we do, we stand by our values because our customers are our first priority!

Tried And Proven To Be The Best!

We have excellent ratings for all our jobs done in West Palm Beach, FL, and surrounding areas. Their expertise and knowledge do not only make them highly regarded but also the tools and gadgets they have that make the job of a locksmith so much easier. Their advanced tools and raking kits enable them to complete the most professional house lockout services possible, resulting in a stress-free experience for you. A full list of our locked out of house locksmith tools and equipment include:

– Hook pick

– Slim Jim

– Key duplication machinery

– Jack knife pick

– Bolt cutter

– Torsion wrenches

– Bump key

– Shims

Our locksmiths are more than prepared for any lockout situation, they’ve been proven time and time again!

We Are Second To None!

West Palm Beach, FL is home to Door N Key Locksmith; the locksmith of choice for providing a locked out of house locksmith for emergency situations. They are the preferred locksmith company to deliver this service as customers have reported 100% satisfaction and they boast zero complaints from hundreds of jobs completed.

Very few locksmith companies can stake this claim however we have snatched this title clean! As we all know, in lock out situations, tensions are usually high and the possibility of upsetting an already aggravated customer is greatly increased. Our locked out of house locksmith is well aware of this and knows how to calm down each customer even before proceeding to fix the real issue at hand. That is just a few of the reasons why our customers love interacting with us and are more than happy to refer us to their family and friends. It’s not a secret who we are, we’re simply the best! Contact us.

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