Remote Car Key Auto Locksmith Services

Remote Car Key Door N Key Locksmith

A remote car key is more important than it looks. Anyone who has previously lost their remote car key will quickly tell you just how much a small piece of equipment can cause so much torment. As a car owner or chauffeur, it is always essential to ensure that you carry an extra key or […]

Ignition Key Replacement: Best Price!

Ignition Key Replacement Door N Key Locksmith

Do you want to have your ignition key replaced but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg at a dealer? Door N Key Locksmith in sunny West Palm Beach FL, will have it done for less! No need to drain your bank account just to have your vehicle properly serviced. Their friendly and […]

Transponder Key Programming – Highly Trained Automotive Locksmiths

Transponder Key Programming – Highly Trained Automotive Locksmiths- Door N Key Locksmith

One thing is for sure; at Door N Key locksmith, we only hire the crème de la crème of the automotive locksmith industry. Our team consists of talented and innovative technicians, all of who have undergone a specialist course to give them a vast understanding of both the mechanical and electronic working mechanisms of car […]

Chip Key Replacement for Automotive

Chip Key Replacement Door N Key Locksmith

Today, car manufacturers embrace producing chip keys, also known as transponder keys, in a bid to avert car thefts. Back in the day, cars were the hot item for thieves to steal. Not only were cars expensive, but they were also readily available, and thieves took advantage of it. For them, making their way into […]

Cut Car Keys: Bank on Quality Services

Cut Car Keys Bank on Quality Services - Door N Key Locksmith

Have you encountered a car lockout? Are you wondering how to deal with such a dilemma? Door N Key Locksmiths is your ideal answer. Our selection of professional locksmiths is well knowledgeable in rendering quality cut car keys overhauls and will aid you out of any lockout dilemma in a short time. In case you […]

Keys for Cars Experts – An Undeniable Asset to Car owners

Keys for Cars Experts – An Undeniable Asset to Car owners - Door N Key Locksmith

Are you looking for a certified and experienced automotive lockout professional? Look no further than Door N Key Locksmith. We are an all-rounded car locksmith company dealing with all types of automotive key problems, no matter how complex or sophisticated. With a vast experience in keys for cars engineering coupled with our constant pursuit for […]

Where Can I Get A Car Key Made Conveniently?

Where Can I Get A Car Key Made Conveniently - Door N Key Locksmith

Out of necessity or maybe just out of sheer curiosity, you may be wondering, where can I get a car key made? If you are the kind that thinks a car key is somewhat too complicated for easy duplication or replacement, then guess what? You’re right! A car key is different from any other set […]

Everything You Need To Know About Key Maker For Cars.

Everything You Need To Know About Key Maker For Cars. - Door N Key Locksmith

In the most straightforward words, a key maker for cars is a locksmith who has specialized in making, duplicating and repairing car locks and keys. Some car locksmiths also change and repair ignition key switches as well. You will find out as you read on that the car locksmith does more than just regular key […]

Pro Hacks to Have a Key Made for Car Owners


Several reasons may require a locksmith to get a key made for car owners. Some of them include car owners losing their keys, probably damaging the key, or one might need a spare key for emergency purposes. Likewise, most drivers find themselves in situations whereby they have locked their car keys in the car, which […]

Guide to a Car Key Maker; What You Should Know.


A car key maker is a specialist who can get you an extra car key, other than the two or three that you got when purchasing it. The specialist is capable of cutting a new blade for your ignition and door lock, fix a key that is broken or malfunctioned. Additionally, he or she can […]