Door N Key Locksmith - Step by Step Guide to Car Key Cutting
Door N Key

Door N Key

Step by Step Guide to Car Key Cutting

To cut a car key effectively, you need a lot of things. You can, however, contact an expert with the skills, equipment, and professional knowledge to do the job. Such experts can perform car key cutting quickly, but this will involve some technicalities as well. If you are looking for low rates, it is advisable to stay away from your dealership as your go-to option.

Most of the cars today use a transponder key. It is a form of anti-theft technology that prevents anyone from operating your car using a different key other than its original. The keys also come with a built-in fob that allows the owner to lock and unlock the car doors remotely.

Coded Key Cutting

Coding is one of the car keys cutting techniques. It is an integral part of the process and can be done in two ways that are, blind codes and bitting codes. The bitting code refers to the information or numbers a key cutter uses on a blank key. The blind code is a standard function used to extract the bitting information using special programs.

Most modern-day keys are using a blind code. It is, therefore, vital to engage a professional’s services for careful and successful cutting of your car keys. The professional must have the codes to use for the key cutting process. It is easy to have the keys cut when the codes are available. For instance, when you buy a car, the key code may be attached to the label that comes with your car keys.

On the other hand, you can also have the code printed on your key. Subsequently, the code might be inscribed on the lock’s front plate (standard with older vehicle models). The owner of the car can get the code from their dealership by requesting for the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

If all the above approaches fail to work, a professional key cutter can disassemble the key lock. In most cases, the code is usually engraved on the lock barrel. Hence, the key cutter must open up the lock to access the car key code. However, only a professional can be able to do this safely.

Make a New Car Key Pattern

Regardless of the type of tool used to cut the car key, it all starts with having access to a blank key before cutting it to match the original. When creating a new car key for replacement, one must develop a similar pattern to that of the internal layout of the pins.

Types of Key Cutting Devices

When cutting car keys, two sets of vise grips are outfitted on an electronic computer to duplicate the key using a stylus from the original version. The computer implements the configuration of the stylus’ primary key. This system immediately cuts the very same structure into the blank key.

A laser computer works in the same manner as an electronic key cutting system, but it cutbacks the blank car key rather than the blade.

Car Key Cutting DIY System

Private Citizens within West Palm Beach, FL, may have code cuts and personal key cutting machines. For an unprofessional key cutter or security expert, this kind of investment makes little sense. Often, to locate VIN codes of a car or use programs that can, you need to get security clearances.

The closest you can get with a DIY hack is to use your hands to take key cutting measurements and cut the key using a tool. It is, however, improbable to succeed in this manner without years of professional practice as an adept West Palm Beach, FL key master. I would not consider using any key cutting DIY tool, because there are plenty of things that could go wrong, and this can create major car problems.

Do I Need the Original Key for Key Cutting?

No, the car key cutting process can be carried out using a vehicle VIN but by a professional. Eventually, a key still can be created even if there is no mechanical key available to copy. That type of service costs more because the automobile inventory transfers a charge on to the provider for this purpose.

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